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Get ready: Apply now!


Let's shape the future together!

Do you run a start-up, a small business or simply have an idea for a product or service with a business plan and are looking for support?

You can apply for the Cycling Innovation Accelerator until December 30, 2023.

Whether it’s road or off-road, performance or leisure, analogue or electric, hardware, gadget or digital service – the C.I.A. team and the Advisory Board cover the entire spectrum of the bike world. And more importantly: they’re all up for it!


Thanks to our extensive industry and product experience, our global network, our own entrepreneurial and start-up knowledge, our skills and communication channels as well as our capital, we can accelerate the success of strong ideas while at the same time help start-ups avoid serious mistakes.


Qualified start-ups can expect honest criticism, media coverage and, in the best case, a reliable partner on equal terms which brings along capital, expertise, experience and a network – regardless of whether their issues are legal, organisational or product-related. In this way, we can build a defensive shield around new ideas and give founders the freedom to focus on their work while implementing them. Pragmatic, goal oriented support with our hearts and minds.

We only accept applications via the digital application form - please keep in mind the application deadline!

We treat all submitted information confidentially and do not share it with third parties.

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