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Our mission

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Because strong ideas deserve the best support.

The world is full of interesting people with brilliant ideas, small companies with great products, and enthusiastic start-ups standing at a crossroads between success and failure. However, many of them don't know which direction to turn, either due to a lack of capital , a lack of networking and PR skills, issues with structure, or just a lack of media visibility. Others are just oblivious to the exceptional nature of the bike industry and the special rules that apply to it. Many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t succeed because they have no experience with building a business from scratch, nor the skills to lead it to success – whether that be leadership and finding the right staff, or processes, tools and organisational structure.

„We want to accelerate the development of innovations and promising trends and help people with strong ideas, aspiring founders and early-stage start-ups to become successful companies that enrich the bike world.“

Robin Schmitt, President C.I.A. & Serial Entrepreneur

Especially for small companies, the market entry barriers are rising ever higher, because large companies and corporations have access to far more resources, whether it’s for production, scaling, investment or marketing. Moreover, there’s a huge demand for know-how, expertise, networks and above all, capital for change and growth in the bike sector – not just for the big players, but especially for smaller ones. And it’s precisely the small brands, tinkerers and visionaries who make up a large part of the innovative power of our industry!

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At present, there’s no such thing as a global start-up accelerator for the bike world but we’re determined to change that! If you know us, you also know that we don’t like to just publish and repost press releases or YouTube videos. The main objective of our work isn’t just to be there, but to actively shape the scene and industry.

We have strong ideas for the bike industry, but we can't develop and implement them all by ourselves. At the same time, we know that the world is full of inspirational people and start-ups with excellent ideas and a mindset similar to ours. And that’s exactly what we want to promote and support – because strong ideas deserve the best support! With the Accelerator, we’re investing in the changes and the future we want to see in the bike world. If we support promising start-ups and companies with clear USPs, helping them grow sustainably, avoid expensive mistakes and launch great products that improve our bikes, the scene and the way we ride bikes, then their success is also ours.


How can I apply?

Do you run a start-up, a small business or simply have an idea for a product or service with a business plan and are looking for support?

You can apply for the Cycling Innovation Accelerator until December 30, 2023.


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