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The best support for start-ups

of the bike world.

“We’re crazy about bikes and put our heart, mind and soul into everything we do. Since 2011, we’ve already been global innovation leaders and have actively helped shape the bike world.“

Robin Schmitt, President & Serial Entrepreneur

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Our value[s]

No start-up bullshit! Let’s leave empty promises, astronomical market potential faff and unscrupulous hasty exits to the classic start-up scene. We want to make good things happen and, above all, stand behind what we do. We didn’t create the Accelerator because we had to, but because we wanted to. Fun, inspiration, support, respect and fairness are at least as important to our definition of success as a successful, sustainable exit.

What does it take to transform a great idea into reality and promising start-ups into successful innovators? Which risks, opportunities and potentials are associated with the process?


Thanks to our extensive industry and product experience, our global network, our own entrepreneurial and start-up knowledge, our skills and communication channels as well as our capital, we can accelerate the success of strong ideas while at the same time help start-ups avoid serious mistakes.


Qualified start-ups can expect honest criticism, media coverage and, in the best case, a reliable partner on equal terms which brings along capital, expertise, experience and a network – regardless of whether their issues are legal, organisational or product-related. In this way, we can build a defensive shield around new ideas and give founders the freedom to focus on their work while implementing them. Pragmatic, goal oriented support with our hearts and minds.

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Not the best player, but the best team wins!

The head and president of the Cycling Innovation Accelerator is Robin Schmitt, co-founder of 41 Publishing, investor, serial entrepreneur and visionary. Together with his brother Max, he founded ENDURO, GRAN FONDO, E-MOUNTAINBIKE and DOWNTOWN as well as the Design & Innovation Award. From their own start-up, which kicked off with a € 6,000 loan from Grandma Schmitt, they developed over the past 10 years what has become one of the most influential media companies in the international bike industry with over 30 passionate collaborators worldwide.

Robin loves to tackle new projects and exploit potential, not just engaging with the future, but actively shaping it. With a strong sense for trends and potential, unique product as well as industry experience from thousands of tests, a very strong global network in the bike industry, media, retail, influencers and professional athletes as well as in business management and building, he has a unique combination of assets from which countless start-ups can benefit.

But like every start-up, Robin is not perfect and needs partners who complement him and his ambitions. He is a very strong player, but the combination with the C.I.A. team as well as the international Board of Advisors creates an unbeatable team!


How can I apply?

Do you run a start-up, a small business or simply have an idea for a product or service with a business plan and are looking for support?

You can apply for the Cycling Innovation Accelerator until December 30, 2023.


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