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Forget typical consulting.

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Every strategy is only as good as its implementation.

Our C.I.A. mission is to shape the bike world of tomorrow. Whether you are an established company, a start-up or an up-and-comer – we advise and develop the best brands and accelerate innovations.

We are not typical consultants. We are active and successful entrepreneurs, insiders and opinion leaders of the bike industry. We do not only know the problems and challenges of start-ups, up-and-comers and established companies in the bike world, we also have the tools and knowledge to develop tangible and concrete solutions with clear measures.


We are behind the most advanced and best buying advice on the market and have unique market expertise. Nobody tests more bikes and products in direct comparison than we do, not even the development departments of the biggest bike brands. We provide critically substantiated product feedback, have international access to market and product experts, as well as opinion leaders in the bike world. And facts: namely access to the largest market analysis and coherent reader survey in the world – from 41 Publishing.


We develop strong brands, open up new markets, create innovative unique selling points, advise on investment decisions, connect with new customers and provide shortcuts to avoid expensive lessons and mistakes. And we do this without consultant bullshit and promising PowerPoints, but with tangible action plans. Why? Because every strategy is only as good as its implementation!


We are honest - we want to make a difference instead of getting lost in endless meetings and hours of consulting. Our goal is clear: We do not want to create dependencies, but rather strengthen the internal skills and capacities of our clients and partners, i.e. know-how transfer, provision of methods and tools, with the aim of empowering our clients and partners so that they can do it independently in the medium term.


Hands-On: unique first-hand expertise!

We produce the world's most extensive and best comparison tests and buying advice for the internationally renowned magazines ENDURO, E-MOUNTAINBIKE, GRAN FONDO and DOWNTOWN.

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We test the latest bikes and products - from cargo bikes, gravel bikes, (EM)TBs, e-SUVs and e-bike motors to connectivity features and equipment. And if necessary, we'll also get the Mona Lisa with the cargo bike ;)

Our competencies

Corporate vision, strategy and innovation

We advise you strategically and help you to identify and develop new markets and business models. The best thing: not with theoretical PowerPoints, but with clear goals and tangible action plans!

Brand development

This is not about logos and beautiful visuals. We sharpen your profile, increase your brand value and help you to clearly stand out from your competitors.

Start-up collaborations

Over 180 start-ups have applied for the CIA in 2023 alone - we will connect you early on with other start-ups that offer you technological advantages or exciting collaborations. Win-win for everyone!

Market analyses

How is the bike market developing? Where are unmet needs and where is market potential emerging? We have direct access to global target groups and opinion leaders, conduct our own market analyses and know the latest product trends in detail – first hand!

HR, Transformation & Organizational Structure

We help companies to position themselves for the future, we conceptualize and support transformation processes of organizational structure and company culture. We also have effective HR tools to find the right people and align company and employee goals!

Product tests & product feedback

Regardless of whether your product is the conception or prototype phase or on the market and ready for evolution – we show the potential and weaknesses of your product, provide technical feedback, sharpen the product orientation, create roadmaps, advise on a strategic product portfolio and develop unique selling points and a high recognition value. Avoid expensive mistakes and make your products better faster - that's good for your brand, sales, end customers, retailers - and the media has less to criticize ;) Win-win-win-win-win!

Marketing, PR & Branding

We create relevance and ensure impact. Whether product communication, brand communication, campaign creation or press network - we develop strategies, coordinate or network with the best producers.


Are you looking for a sales or PR agency for your expansion into new markets? We'll connect you with the best!

Investment decisions

We advise investors on investment decisions, examine start-ups and provide real market and potential assessments.

Together with our partner lawyers, we provide relevant start-ups with free advice on risks, clever financing models and simple contract designs.

Interested in our consulting services? Contact us now!

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